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Address: Schipholweg 103, Leiden
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I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Facing the big dilemma between teaching and psychology, I opted for the second. During my study in psychology (Panteion University, Athens Greece) , I started volunteering in different NGO’s and public therapeutic centers and did internships in schools for children with special needs. In the meantime, I got certified as a parent training coach ( Maria Hourdaki approach), undertook a certificate in learning difficulties and disabilities offered by the University of Thessaly and got trained to work with children with autism (in the therapeutic Unit for children with Autism, Athens, Greece).

Having clear in my mind that children and adolescents is the population I would like to focus on, I pursued a MSc in Child and Adolescent Psychology in Leiden University. That was the time I got very interested in behaviour and social emotional development, which are central in my philosophy and practice as a professional. This made me continue my studies in behaviour analysis, the science of learning and its implementation in parenting, special education and general education (ABA). Since May 2015 I m a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) providing parental & professional guidance. I also supervise professionals who are working towards their RBT and/or BCBA certification and Interns from Leiden University (MSc in Child & Adolescent Psychology).

The past ten years I have worked in general and special education as well as in integrated classes as a teaching assistant and as an integration aide. Furthermore I provide guidance to children with autism and learning support to to children and adults with dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADD or ADHD. Parent Guidance, Professional guidance and Psychological support to parents, children and adolescents are currently some of my services.

Since I moved to the Netherlands in 2011, I worked as a full time staff member at the Lighthouse special education in The Hague. I also collaborate with Stichting Reach Holland being the lead “begeleider”

I provide my services to families through my private practice BehaviourBuilders.

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